IronE’s 2012 TWD Olympics Contest

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Ok fam, no more guessing at #TDogsNextLine. Here’s the deal IronE’s Olympic Gold Contest …. The race begins 7/27, Olympic Opening Day! May the most competitive TWD loving country win!


Acting Tidbits

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ACTING TIDBITS to improve your craft

My Fellow Thespians,

Just in case you didn’t know- Acting Tidbits

1. SUBTEXTING- You do not have to play a line as it is written. There is always a subtext to every line you deliver… meaning hidden message… whether it be that line exactly or it implies something totally different. Good actors tend to subtext alot in their acting which makes them very interesting to watch.

EXAMPLE: If you say, “Come here, let me talk to you.” If you’re talking to someone you’re attracted to, you could imply that by how you deliver the line. You would probably be more “suaveeeeeeee”‘ as opposed to grimacing when you’re saying it to someone you don’t like.

EXAMPLE: The same rule applies if you say, “Could you help me jump start this car please?”

So many things could be said underneath the line you deliver. Again, that’s called subtexting. Your line is only a vessel through which many things could be
conveyed. Try and do that for each and every line you deliver.

2. INTENTION- It ties into subexting. Have an intention for everything you say. Ask yourself after each line, “Why am I saying this?” If you don’t know
why you’re saying it, the audience won’t know. (This applies to subtexting which makes for interesting acting as opposed to face value delivery). Your intention for each line should connect with your overall intention for the scene.

3. AFFECTIVE MEMORY or EMOTIONAL RECALL- To really understand or connect with the character you’re playing, try to recall a situation in your life that relates to what the character is experiencing. If you have to laugh uncontrollably, recall some of those moments in your life similar to your characters’ that made you crack a rib…I mean GUFFAW! If you have to cry, think about what made you cry in real life. The same goes for the other emotions or states of being: anger, jealousy, rage, agitation, delight, pity, sympathy, empathy, etc.

4. “Roller Coaster Effect”- Play with the tone of your voice. Know how we fall asleep in class or at the meeting b/c the teacher or boss is monotone? The same
goes for acting. It’s not interesting to be monotone. Have rises and falls in your volume. Go from octave 5 to 8 to 3 to 6.

5. Climaxing- Not that kind you FREAK! This probably won’t apply to our production but I’m telling you anyways b/c I love you. Some people think if they are yelling and screaming (again, not that kind FREAK! …or is it just me?), that’s powerful acting. NO! Powerful acting is from the inside out. You have to
feel it inside before you can display it outside. You conjure this feeling through AFFECTIVE MEMORY or EMOTIONAL RECALL. If you’re screaming on the outside but not experiencing it on the inside, the audience does not experience it. The audience is looking at you in awe not because you’re good but because of what awe implies-AWFUL! Sometimes being calm and reserved in your anger is an awesome decision. Sometimes psycotic laughter may be the key depending on the character. Understand that people don’t always yell when they’re angry. And if you must yell during a climactic scene, don’t start out that way because you would have nowhere to go. Remember the Roller Coaster Effect. Start low (or high), go high (or low), go low (or high) then EXPLODE!!!!!! Build to a climax b/c if you have a 1 page monologue
and you start with an EXPLOSION, I hope you have some extra vocal cords in your wardrobe b/c you’re going to need them b/c you will lose your God given ones and have absolutely nowhere else to go for your climax but straight down flat on your face (figuratively and literally).

6. TRIX- Trix are not only for kids but for actors. Have gestures you do to make the character more human and more of an individual. Some people look out the corners of their eyes when communicating. Is it b/c they’re paranoid? …insecure? hmmmm! Some people rub their chin when they’re in deep thought. Some people pick their nose. Some people occassionally clear their throat with a slight cough before they speak. Some people scratch their throat like a pig. Some people have certain onomatopoeic expressions when they speak.(Oooh, oooh, ooohh!- mmm mmm mmm,- owwwww, etc.
They’re all called TRIX.aka microexpressions.

7. MEMORIZATION- Read your lines a few times. Think about the context in which you’re speaking. What are you talking about? What is your intent? What are you trying to achieve? If you’re talking about cars, you should know your next line is not going to be, “I like double cheeseburgers, too.” Typically, the conversation would revolve around cars. The lines come easier once you’ve done that. Also, you would know when to say your lines by knowing what the
last actor,s line or word is. So you have to listen …and watch. It becomes natural after a while but of course you still have moments when you jump on your
actor’s lines but that’s why we rehearse. If you stay in the moment and watch your fellow actor, you would know when s/he is done speaking. Improvisation is easy once you’ve accomplished the aforementioned.

8. Character River- Doing a character river helps with memorization as well. Meaning develop a life for the character. What has the life of your character
been like thus far. Was she a premature baby? Was he picked on alot as a kid. Is she from the projects or does he have an affluent background. Does she like
scrambled eggs or sunny side up? Does he have brothers and sisters? Does she like sports or is he a nerd, or is she a nerdy sports fanatic? Does he have a tatoo? You get the point. If you have this history of your character, it’s a greater possibility that you would know what your character is going to say next.

These processes are included but not limited to the characterization process. Some actors try to become other people when they’re playing a character. That’s impossible! You can only be who you are. The character you’re playing is inside of you. You may have to dig deep to find her/him because you’ve suppressed her/him (certain character traits) for so long. Sad to say, but there is a trait in all of us (except babies) that could compel us to murder, rape, steal, take drugs and become an addict, become a comedian, a pastor, etc. If
we’ve ever heard of those descriptions or seen those images in life, they’ve been instilled into our subconscienceness. I know I’ve watched enough “Friday The 13th” movies as a child to become a serial killer. I’ve also seen and heard of enough corruption in politics to become a crooked politician or pastor …or heard of enough child molestation to become a pedophile. On the flip side, I’ve, also, witnessed enough kind gestures to become a philanthroper or have
experienced enough injustice to want to become a judge or a rebel. If you’ve experienced it through your senses, it now exists in your mind forever until you
get altzheimer’s or bump your head or something and still that may only be a temporary reprieve from the madness because the media will continue its onslaught of negativity or positivity. Of course, we (most of us) suppress the vices and embrace the virtues b/c our conscience tells us to. Unfortunately, some people ignore their conscience and accept the vices over virtues. The expression, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is in full effect. The more people ignore their conscience, the less it speaks to them. Your conscience says, “If you don’t want to be my friend and listen to what I tell you for your own good then I don’t want to be your friend either. BYE!” Actors are known to be a little fruity b/c we find that character (character traits) and bring her/him (those traits) to
the surface and inevitably end up with 25 personalities. Shape that character around you as opposed to trying to step out of your body and stepping into someone elses. I’m telling you this and I’m absoluely positive that scientists would agree that that is IMPOSSIBLE!!! I hope neither of you becomes a serial killer as a result of my telling you this b/c we do have some NUTS in the world but we also have some HEROES. What are you a nut are a HERO? DO THE RIGHT THING!

There you have it! 2 years of acting summed up in a few paragraphs but acting coaches won’t tell you this either b/c they don’t know or they want more and more of your money. Take these tidbits to heart and take your acting to another level. See you on the set and… Break A Leg!



Words of Wisdom

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I got some good spiritual food for thought when speaking to a collegue last night. This is what I was told:

During our conversation last night, you mentioned people wanting to do things for you, basically just for who you are. We started to get in a conversation about that before we were interrupted. But I Kind of wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I know for a fact you have a great heart, I am very sensitive to peoples energies. And because of your big heart, you would NEVER uses you successes to take advantage of anyone. You have fought hard to get where you are and you don’t ask for anything you have not earned.

But I believe with that, and because of your magnetic spirit, you will attract things into your life. And that is the “favor” people speak of. Its not that GOD has placed you higher than anyone, It’s that you have USED your Gifts!

Remember the scripture, “Your Gifts will make room for you” Its TRUE! Your gifts HAVE made room for you. You have made major accomplishments in your life. And the reason you are being offered these things is because of the FAVOR you have worked for.

I want to remind you that we live in a system of exchange, in order to receive, people have to give. And when you block someone giving to you, you can also block there blessing in honoring you! Sometimes, you can block the flow if you don’t receive the good things that God has allowed to FLOW into your life. Be a vessel for that flow. Your gift of discernment will help you with this process.

Just want to encourage you to be a vessel for Blessings to FLOW! You deserve it all! Enjoy your day and have a PHENOMENAL New year!

P.S. I love your wife’s spirit as well! She touches people with her spirit. And says more with her spirit than words could ever say. God has truly blessed you with a Queen! Peace!

Author-Anonymous …unless requests otherwise

I feel this message is for more than me. MESSAGE RECEIVED!!!!!!!!!



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I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a very prosperous New Year! Stay tuned for lots and lots of EXCITING news in 2011! PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GOD’s favor

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One day I’m eating ketchup and mayonnaise “samiches” in the projects… ducking and dodging bullets trying to survive, the next day, I’m chasing Nicolas Cage on the highway in the movie, “The Hungry Rabbit Jumps.” WOW!All because I chose to listen and obey. 


The Lottery Ticket

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I filmed The Lottery Ticket starring Ice Cube, Bow Wow and several other “Hollywood” stars. It was a very pleasant experience, and I think the movie is going to be really funny. I’ll comment more on this experience as the movie release date approaches in August of 2010. Peace and blessings!

The Hungry Rabbit Jumps

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I was recently cast opposite Nicolas Cage in The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. I’m very thankful and more determined to carry out GOD’s will. GOD has allowed me to do things in my bloodline that have NEVER been done before. I’m determined to show the world that these accomplishments in my life have not been flukes but truly ordained by GOD to change the world for the better.



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As I type, The Blind Side is THE number 1 movie in America. GOD is truly amazing in blessing me with such a project and surrounding me with such spiritually in tune individuals. From the producers (Alcon/Warner Brothers), to the director, cast, crew, casting company (Fincannon & Associates), agency (Houghton Talent), this experience has been the best one of my career. They all have been like a breath of fresh air in my life and have affected my life in ways they could never imagine. And for that I am truly thankful that GOD brought them into my life. The Blind Side book is now my favorite book of all time and the movie is in my top 3 with ROCKY and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. You should be able to infer from my favorite book and top 3 favorite movies that I’m somewhat of a sports fanatic b/c it was sports that helped to keep me focused. Particularly, football played a great part in keeping me out of prison and/or the grave. It was football that got me out of the projects and to THE University of Georgia where my transformation took place. It’s uncanny how much The Blind Side parallels my life and what I experienced. I’d been a struggling actor for 15yrs, lived in L.A. for a stint, came back to Atlanta, persevered and kept pushing towards a breakthrough, because thats what GOD told me to do. “You love it, why not do it until you die… even if you never get a break?” GOD asked. I said, true dat, true dat. GOD said, “It’s not your time, yet. The right people aren’t in place, yet. The right movie hasn’t been written, yet.” And then it all came together as GOD said it would. VOILA!!! BREAKTHROUGH! What would have happened if I had given up acting last year, I wouldn’t be writing this letter now. Basically, I’m saying that things don’t always happen when we want them to but they ALWAYS happen when GOD wants them to. Be patient, NEVER give up, operate under the guise of truth and love and your breakthrough will come. I couldn’t have chosen a better project to be part of than the one GOD chose for me. Thank you GOD!!!!!!!!


GOD is the alpha and the omega!

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I stay faithful because GOD is so great because I stay faithful…


My 1st Jury Trial

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Alot of u know I have tentative plans of attending law school depending on my acting career. Some of u may have noticed my mention of an accident I had yrs. ago and my anticipation about representing myself in a trial. That day finally came last week on July 29th ‘09. I’m proud of myself not b/c I won but because I stood firmly on something I believed so strongly in and didn’t accept their settlement offer. My grandmother said I probably should have accepted the settlement offer since it was significantly higher than what the jury awarded me. She failed to understand that it was not about the money but the moral victory. I gained more in perseverance and integrity than I would have ever gained had I not gone to trial. The Judge said that my kids should b proud of me and that I did an admirable job, as well as the lawyer who said that I represented myself alot better than many other lawyers that he’d ever gone against. Maybe that’s a sign that I need to re-apply 4 law school. I’ll see.

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